Empowering you to be the best version of yourself. Freedom From Within. We need to talk about the shitstorm of emotions we face. Surviving is not thriving. Are your choices serving you?

Coaching Programs

The ‘Me First’ 6-month program will teach you how to stop being a bystander in your own life and give you the tools needed to create the life you deserve.

The 28 day Reset Program is a commitment to YOU to free yourself from the limiting belief that holds YOU back from achieving what it is YOU desire in your life… The program consists of 4 weekly sessions.


The Women’s Circle

The Women's Circle is a monthly group to support, nurture and understand the difficulties women face and figure things out together, even if listening is all that’s needed.


The ‘Who the Heck am I’ workshops are held on the first Saturday of the month and are an opportunity for women to untangle purpose and life connections.

We invest in our homes, loved ones, and careers… but what about ourselves?

As a self-relationship coach, I work with clients in one-on-one and group settings to explore barriers, habits, opportunities, and beliefs around self-development.

If you find yourself tired, emotional, withdrawn, lonely, or hopeless, my coaching program and events will help to identify and develop a strong understanding of your current situation and future potential.

There is a high physical cost to avoid our feelings. Along with the use of temporary coping methods such as retail-therapy, casual drinking, uncontrolled worrying, or unhealthy food habits.

Together we can get to the core of your feelings, triggers, and habits using proven methods. And in the long-term, this will have a lasting positive impact on your self-development and ultimately, your whole life.

Be kind to you,
Deidre x


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I am stronger in life and have clear visions of a great future by doing the work she has shown me today. She is a very caring and compassionate person and does not judge me although she does call me out when required.
Joe Cooke 
Deidre always provides me with a practical solution and is not scared to tell it how it is and I can continue on with my day with minimal emotional disruption.
Nanci Doyle 
With Deidre's love and support, I have worked hard to uncover the truth of me and realise that I no longer must accept the limiting beliefs and patterns that have shaped my life and myself, for a moment longer.
Bronwyn Murphy

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