“I didn’t know what I was looking for when Deidre came into my life, in June 2021.
After a tumultuous 3 years of ovarian cancer, divorce, and sexual assault, I thought that I was searching for a way to make peace with death... only to realise with the guidance of Deidre that I in fact, was yearning to make peace with life and living.

With Deidre's love and support, I have worked hard to uncover the truth of me and realise that I no longer must accept the limiting beliefs and patterns that have shaped my life and myself, for a moment longer.

I didn’t know it at the time of course because I really had little clue about the growth I was about to experience as a person. However, instinctively I knew that I needed to work with Deidre and that with her guidance, I would find ways to grow and prosper.

I absolutely did need help to accept that I was going to die one day, but in the meantime, I had a whole lot of living to do. And not just any kind of living and surviving, but a blissful, euphoric, joyful life, that has come with making peace with the tapestry of my life. Deidre is truly a gift from the universe and words will never begin to express the love and gratitude I have for her.

I give thanks every day, that when my arms were wide open to growth and change and I was ready, Deidre was the person put in my life path, to show me the endless possibilities of living a phenomenal life”.

- Bronwyn Murphy

“I was referred to Deidre after a significant life event turned my whole world upside down and broke down my family unit. Everything I had known and had planned for was jeopardised and all visions that I had for the future were no longer relevant or achievable (at least in my eyes).

Deidre approached my situation with calmness and empathy and from the very first meet and greet session that we had together I felt as though there was a possibility that I could get through this ok and survive. I was sceptical at first as I did not think that there was any chance that Deidre could improve my situation and certainly not through hypnosis or through online sessions. I took the leap of faith because I respected and valued the opinion of the person that had referred Deidre to me.

Unlike traditional therapists, Deidre is available whenever I need her, and I message her when I am having a wobble or meet a difficulty that I do not feel that I can manage. Deidre always provides me with a practical solution and is not scared to tell it how it is and I can continue on with my day with minimal emotional disruption. We are literally on opposite sides of the world but still I feel as though she is right there next to me and supporting me. Deidre and I have only had two sessions, but I can genuinely look back over the past month and already see that I am a stronger and more independent woman than I was when we first met and not only am I benefitting but so are my children. I honestly cannot wait to see the person that I am after 6 months.”

- Nanci Doyle 

“I have been seeing Deidre for just over a year now and she has transformed my life. I was struggling to deal with a lot of life issues and with Deidre's work and guidance it has made me a better person today. I am stronger in life and have clear visions of a great future by doing the work she has shown me today. She is a very caring and compassionate person and does not judge me although she does call me out when required. I am going to continue to see Deidre as I know it will make me a more kind, grateful and positive person.”

- Joe Cooke