Coaching Program

‘The Me First’ Program

The ‘Me First’ 6-month program will teach you how to stop being a bystander in your own life and give you the tools needed to create the life you deserve.

In this journey of self-discovery, you will learn how to release old patterns and beliefs that are keeping you in a stagnant state, the tools and knowledge to take control of your life, the insight into what is serving versus hurting you, and how to disempower anything holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Enough is enough. It’s time to put yourself first and take a step forward in the right direction.

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  • 18 x 1 hr coaching strategy sessions including setting your word for the year, future planning, EFT (tapping), wheel of life, rules of the mind sessions and other processes as required. 
  • 6 x 2.5 hrs Rapid Transformational Therapy Sessions and personalized recordings 
  • Shedding To Shine 12wk Program to educate and understand the beliefs behind the emotional and physical weight you carry.
  • Ebook - 30 Day Self-Relationship Challenge 
  • Tapping Journal 
  • Copy of my book ‘Change Makers IWD Edition 2020’
  • Monthly Online Group Workshops
  • 24hr support via messenger and email
  • Crisis calls if required
  • 100% committed to your success 
  • 30min complimentary call with Registered Nurse Catherine Schill from the Shedding to Shine 12wk Program to answer any health concerns you may have.

Free Discovery Call!

28 Day Reset Program

The 28 day Reset Program is a commitment to YOU to free yourself from the limiting belief that holds YOU back from achieving what it is YOU desire to achieve in your life… The program is broken down into 4 weekly sessions outlined below.

ARE YOU are ready to take ACTION NOW!

Session Outline:

Week 1:
An in-depth process to clarify the truth of what is going on for you. In this session we do a powerful process that cuts through all the noise to gain clarity on what is going on for you around the presenting issue. You are then set a task to prepare you for week 2.

Week 2:
Rapid Transformation Therapy Session. In this session you are put into hypnosis to clear the presenting problem and then upgrade and reprogram your mind to a new operating system that is exactly what you want. You are then required to listen to a personalized recording for the next 21 days minimum.

Week 3:
Follow Up Session and check-in. In this session you will learn tapping, a powerful tool to support you as you upgrade your mind from the old program to your new updated program.

Week 4:
Final Check-in and 90-day goal setting. In this session you to set your 90-day goals to cement in the work you have been doing to ensure lasting results and keep you accountable to the process.

Who is the Program for?

The program is for anyone looking to stop smoking, lose weight*, anxiety & overwhelming issues, public speaking, dental phobias, sport performance, exam anxiety and nail biting.

This program is not:

A magic pill solution – you must do the work.
For people who want to learn but not act on the learnings.
For people who already know what is wrong and not willing to listen.
For people who refuse to step outside their comfort zone.  

When you join the My Beautiful Self 28 Day Reset Program you have access to ME seven days a week via messenger and email for ongoing support, as well as my private phone number for crisis calls if required.

This is an intensive 28 day program and I can't wait to get started, if you are an action taker, click on the link below to book in and RESET your life now.