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Coming home to yourself

September 22, 2021

Last fortnight I shared with you that I have returned to my faith as a Catholic and have left the New Age, spirituality life behind. I am so grateful to return back to my faith and have conversations with you about healing your life with Jesus as the one who you need to depend upon to heal you.

However, that does not mean you do not have to do the work.

There is no get out of jail free card. There is no magic pill. You still must go within yourself and ask yourself the hard questions about what it is you are doing to live your best life. The only difference in my conversation with you is whom you depend upon to show you the way.

I am but a conduit for the message you need to hear.  I am here to ask you questions, to open your mind to a new way of thought and to remind you what it is you already now about yourself. When I say you are magnificent, it is because you are. When I say you are beautiful, once again it is because that is the truth about you.

However, it is within you that you do not believe this. Tuning in and understanding that this is a limited belief that you are carrying around about you is powerful. When you tune into yourself and ask yourself “what it is that I am saying about me?” and how that then dictates how I act, react, and respond - that is when you can ask Jesus to help you. That is when you can pray or meditate to Mary through the Rosary to release the unwanted thought patterns which hold you in conflict. That is when you can learn to let it go and out of your life.

When working with Tapping and Hypnotherapy, I would talk to you through your subconscious mind. However, when coming together through prayer and asking Jesus to bring the answers to you, this is much more powerful. To pray together to understand what you need to let go, is the most powerful way to heal your life. As Jesus is the way and the truth, you cannot heal unless you heal through his intercession.

I can help you navigate your own path towards enlightenment and step by step we can work towards a more happy, beautiful version of you. As always, reach out and book a call with me to start your journey