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The power of believing in your dreams

August 18, 2021

Who are you living your life for? This is not a trick question. I am serious, who is it that you wake up for each morning and turn up for?

Is it the children?

Is it work?

Is it because that is what you must do?

Is it to pay the bills?

Is it the holiday or new something you want?

Is it for you?

What is it that makes you get out of bed each morning and start over again?  Why do you do what you do?

Did you know that the majority of people I talk to, (and yes, I talk to many people) get out of bed each morning with the main purpose of living being to go to work and pay the bills! Yep, that is it. They want to go on a holiday. They want to do things for themselves. They want to do things with their children. Do they do them? NO.

And do you know why they aren't doing any of the things they would truly love to be doing?

It is because they have not visualised it. They have not set it as an intention. They have not written it down as something that is important for them and then acted towards obtaining it.

Yes, you have work, bills and children to juggle… However, so do those who choose to take action on their dreams.

The difference between those who dream and never achieve and those who dream and achieve, is one simple thing - the belief that they can achieve it!

The belief that says, yes you can go on holiday. Yes you can have the life of your dreams - you just need to act.

Without the belief, there will be no action. You will continue to look at your neighbours and friends and ask yourself “what is it they have, that I don’t have”. The simple answer is, they believe that they can. And you believe that you can’t.

If you are tired of dreaming and not waking up to live your best life, then join me on my 28 day reset program. Clear those old beliefs that say NO and learn to say YES to your dreams. Believe me it is a game changer.

Nothing changes unless you change what you believe and turn up for YOU FIRST!